I was wondering how many authors procrastinate when it comes to finishing their novels or stories. I know I do. I don’t know if it is anxiety, or the thought of leaving my characters behind. However I am not really leaving them behind as I will be editing the book quite soon after finishing so will be speaking with my characters again.

Who now thinks I am crazy for thinking this way?

I really don’t think that non authors can relate or really understand how authors work. If I told you it feels like we have a little person sitting on our shoulder whispering the words into our ears you would think me double crazy. 😉 Right?

Anyway, this not what I had intended to talk about. I had intended to talk about procrastination.

It is funny for the last week I have supposed to be writing the two last scenes of my book. However, every time I open my work to write the last battle scene I end up writing a different scene. Something leading up to where I was heading, but not there yet.

If that makes sense?

Or I might just read back a few scenes or chapters before and find myself writing another new scene or few sentences.

The same thing happened today. I thought of something I had to change about two chapters earlier. I was supposed to write about one sentence and it ended up with half a page.

Then, I went right to the end of the book to get my characters to the place I had to go to start writing the last scene and my characters started talking about something I never intended them to talk about. I mean, it sounded good, but once again procrastinating. At last I sent them to where they had to be, and left my mage standing there staring into space.

I had written another 930 words and still did not know what was happening on the other-side of my Mage’s spell.

I have finished writing today. I know when I have done enough as my muse puts her foot down and goes to sleep.

However, as they say, tomorrow is another day…

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