Guardians of the Underworld, The Tarlisian Sagas

The End #fantasyfiction

THE END. How beautiful are those two words when you finish writing a novel? I finished writing my full-length novel, a sequel to the Cross of Tarlis, last night at 11 pm and could not ring anyone because they would have been in bed. I was so excited and so relieved. I have never felt such elation after finishing writing a book before. Usually, I feel rather flat that I have finished and have to say goodbye to my characters or have to start something new.

Fear of the unknown I guess. This time I was beaming ear to ear, and I had nobody to see.

I started the novel 12 years ago and lived through a lot of emotional pain over those years, battling depression for 10 of them. Only being able to potter along doing a scene here and there. This year I have written about 40,000 words.

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It is only the first draft and it still has to be edited, but the hard work of getting the story down is done. Yay!!!

Watch for Guardians of the Underworld somewhere in the near future.


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