My Poetry

The Poem for the Cross of Tarlis

(The Cross Of Tarlis to be re-released 2019 by iHeart Publishing)

This is a Fantasy Romance novel about

A Faerie warrior, a white tiger that talks, a bastard Prince, a seven-hundred-year-old Druid Mage and the last Princess of Elenroh. They embark on a quest to find the pieces of a magical cross that can save their world from a powerful sorcerer who is planning the destruction of everything they hold dear.


Dorrachian War Song

We Dorrachians stand and fight,

Great courage fills our heart.

Ever for us the sun will shine,

Ever the night depart:

Our faith is in the power of right,

No truth, no shame can cheat;

Ten thousand times we’d rather die,

Than sound a base retreat.


So come to me o’ enemy mine,

Lift your sword up high,

And death to you this day will come,

And with your Gods ye’ll dine.


   Julie A. D’Arcy

My Poetry

Eternal Night – By Julie A. D’Arcy

Eternal Night is a poem I wrote for my novel Night’s Eternal Vow. A paranormal romance about a young police detective and the vampire who changes everything she ever thought about the supernatural.


Eternal Night

I dwelled in a time long past,

When love a song sweet,

Darkness down inside I weep.

Eternal is the night,

I walk with the dead,

Pray with the living,

That I will find the strength,

To raise my head,

Walk out of the place of the damned,

Find my soul,

Drink my fear,

Raise my face to light.

Eternal is the night.

                                                                                                     By Julie. A. D’Arcy